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5 Star Review LOVE IT


Kitty622 - (October 20, 2006) I bought this dryer after a TON of research. I had an old Conair 1600 that up and died on me after about six years. After reading up on ions, ceramic, and tourmaline, I decided definitely to go ionic with ceramic because I HATE getting done with my hair and being sweaty again just after I showered and the biology of ions seemed like a good idea. I looked into the T3, the Babyliss, and other professional dryers but they all sounded great but short-lived. And, I'm sorry, but if I'm spending $150 on a blowdryer it better outlive me. The Conair 1875 IonShine sounded OK but reviews I read stated the buttons were placed poorly and people inevitably turned it off while blow drying. Therefo

5 Star Review Remington 2' Straightener


jazfm - (January 07, 2005) I have tried almost every product on the market to try and straighten my hair and nothing works. All I do with the Wet 2 Straight is take small groups of hair and go over it 3 times and my hair goes from wet to pin straight. This week when everyones hair was getting frizzy from the rain mine didn't. I wish I had this years ago before I spent what must be hundreds of dollars to try and at least get the frizz out if not get it straight. My entire office is going out and getting this product after seeing the results I am getting. When I first used it I took almost an hour and now I am down to 30 minutes. Before I had to take 20 - 30 just to dry my hair and then another 15 - 20 minutes to style

4 Star Review Farouk CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Iron 1"" Regular (Thin)


JacquelineLWelsh - (August 31, 2004) I haven't had the Chi for very long, but compared to the Hot Tools ceramic iron I currently use, the Chi is superior!One thing you need to watch with the Chi iron is when you put it down it doesn't lay real flat so you have to be careful it doesn't tip over and burn anything.

Últimas Opiniões

5 Star Review Bes tflat iron ever

Anonymous User - (25-02-2014) This flat iron heats up in 15 seconds, has a auto shut off feature and a digital readout, what more could i want?

5 Star Review Worth the splurge

Anonymous - (15-09-2013) I haven't really been a fan of hot rollers, but I was looking for something to help cut down the time I spend on my hair in the morning. These are perfect! I was reluctant to spend the money on these because I've had a number of friends tell me that you can purchase a "good" set for less. After trying some other sets, I can confidently say these are worth every penny. I have long (mid back) wavy hair that can be styled straight or curly, but both styles take work. I spend 5 minutes putting these in and can take them out by the time I've clipped the last one. You can achieve a number of different looks by rolling the hair differently, varying time to set and by changing the number of curlers used. If I'm in a hurry I use 5-6 of them. Like others said, curls last for days and your hair is shiny and smooth. Enjoy!

3 Star Review Gorgeous But Girly

Anonymous - (14-09-2013) My wedding gown has a lace overlay with a vine-like pattern. From the online images, I thought this would be the perfect accessory to accompany the dress. What I missed in the online photos were the bows at both ends of the hair comb. For me, that reduces the maturity and elegance of the design.

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