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WEP200 Wireless Cell Phone Headset

Pontos Fortes: Small, Light Weight, Easy to use.

Pontos Fracos: Volume isn't loud enough, charger case is difficult to open.

The WEP200 is small, light weight , and easy to use. It was easy to connect to my Sanyo phone and also my son's LG. My biggest complaint is the volume isn't loud enough. Driving in a car at highway speed is enough to make hearing difficult. In a quiet environment with no background noise, it works great. Also, the charger case is very difficult to open. I broke the hinge on mine within a couple of days. I think I would shop around more before buying another one.

Por kkerr - Mar 18, 2007

This samsung is one of the best...

Pontos Fortes: small,comfort,very light,stylish

Pontos Fracos: battery, car/other charging options

This samsung is one of the best that I've used. I've used discovery 640,i-tech clip IIe,nokia HS-21W and motorola H500. I am a soft spoken guy, and Samsung WEP200 WORKS GREAT! I can't believe this little thing work so well. I can leave this unit on for about 60hrs with average talk time usage(1.5hr-2hrs)before it run out of power. Bottom line, I thought I lost this bluetooth a week ago, and I almost had to order another WEP200. This is how good I believe in it.

Por Jaydon - Nov 7, 2006

Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Headset

Pontos Fortes: Small, Light Weight

Pontos Fracos: Battery lifetime is short

It is compatible with our Nokia and Motorola (Razor & Sliver) phones. It fits the ear well, I honestly forgot that I had it on during the day. The charger case is a plus, very convenient.

Por tnavna - Sep 22, 2006

Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Headset

Pontos Fortes: Size and Weight, Clarity, Range

Pontos Fracos: Noise Cancellation, Battery Life, Ease of Use

Recently purchased the Samsung WEP200 bluetooth headset and thus far, it has done well for me. The size and weight of this unit are amazing. Even with the charging case, the unit occupies very little space. The audio quality and clarity is good. I have the unit paired with the Sprint Sanyo SCP-6600 and it works satisfactorily. I have been able to leave the phone upstairs and walk downstairs and still maintain a phone call. This is without line-of-sight.
My qualms with the unit would include the lack of noise cancellation software. I have had others report to me that they're unable to hear me when I am walking with the unit on outside. Additionally, the unit needs to be charged semi-frequently as it only has 3-4 Hours talktime and 70 hours standby. This is not an issue for me because I charge nightly. Finally, the ease of use is not completely there because it requires the case to charge and the pairing is not totally intuitive.
Either way, I'm really enjoying this headset.

Por ongjonat - Aug 30, 2006


Pontos Fortes: Good sound quality with the compact size to match.

Pontos Fracos: A separate charging case.

Pairing the device is not as straightforward as my trusted Motorola 820, but it is not that bad. Of course the outstanding thing is the size of this little headset. I am quite please with the sound quality and comfortable factor when wearing it a good part of the day. The only issue that I have is the separate charging case. More than once I forgot to bring that to a business trip.

Por rw1970 - Dec 4, 2006

Good one

Pontos Fortes: Very small, loud and clear sound, comfortable to wear, good range of signal

Pontos Fracos: It's so small and comfortable that some times I don't feel I wear it.

Overall, very good one, I like it a lot, Very small, loud and clear sound, comfortable to wear, good range of signal, definitly will recommend to relatives. I also have plantronic voyager 510, range of signal and quality pretty much the same.

Por peter2534 - Oct 13, 2006


Pontos Fortes: Size. Volume control and sound quality.

Pontos Fracos: Voice quality. Significantly reduced my cell phone battery life.

I had high expectations from a Consumer's Reports article, but was disappointed. Callers complained of poor voice quality, although I could hear very well. Even the cheapest corded headset works significantly better.

Por tjspence - Jan 31, 2007

Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Headset

Pontos Fortes: Very small head set, pair easily with T-Mobil Dash, last long, good sound

Pontos Fracos: None so far

I like the holder-charger of this unit and the small size of head-set, it fits straight in to the ear, sound quality is good, and it is easy to operate, the head set is very discrete and you do not look like a robot wearing it…

Por mmarkovic - Dec 11, 2006

little beauty

Pontos Fortes: exceptionally small and light, highly compatible, nice looking

Pontos Fracos: mediocre battery life

One of the smallest and lightest Bluetooth headsets available and even though still convenient and reliable.
At first I thought that it can easily fall of my ear but I was wrong it fits snugly.
I've had no troubles with pairing this thing with numerous devices - phones and computers (for Skype calls). The quality of sound is very good even on some distance from other device and None Line Of Sight conditions, no static, microphone doesn't pickup environmental sounds.

Por barmaley - Oct 1, 2006

The Most Bang For Your Buck In An Iddy-Biddy Package

Pontos Fortes: Rated Consumer Reports "Best Buy" item; Small and light; No over-ear mount allows one to wear glasses without hassle; Most features for price that include noise cancellation

Pontos Fracos: Wish that the unit could be charged without the case. Item has to be mounted inside the case to charge and reports of defective cases that won't allow the case to close thus can't charge have spawned

I researched Bluetooth headsets until blood came out of my eyes and I narrowed my choices to two units; The WEP-200 and the Plantronics Explorer 320 ($35). In my opinion, these two headsets offer the most versatility for the dollar.

Por tjachimiak - Jan 8, 2007

Samsong WEP200

Pontos Fortes: Size and weight

Pontos Fracos: Charger box connection is sub par

Great unit for the money. Have both the Motorola 700 and Jabra XJ-10 and prefer this less expensive model. Sound quality and speaker quality is good. Keep one in each car.

Por jddoud - Jan 5, 2007

The smallest and lightest Bluetooth Headset under $50

Pontos Fortes: -Tiny -Extremely light -Great build quality -Good and loud sound quality

Pontos Fracos: -Range not so good

I've used more than 5 bluetooth headset. This is the best one so far. It is so small and light. Generally:

Fitting: Very good. Thanks to its tiny size and light weight. It fits in my ear comfortably. It doesn't have the ear loop which I hate. It inserts directly into your ear.

Sound Quality: Very loud and clear. Some static here and there, but nothing major. Can be better as a BT 2.0 headset.

Range: Not so good. It doesnt work for longer than 20 feet. It should do better being a BT 2.0 headset.

Battery life: Lasted over 3 days for standby/regular use on the first charge. Not bad at all.

Price: I got it for under $50. It is a steal for a quality product like this. Comparable headsets from other companies run at $70 and up.

It was tested on Samsung A900 and UT Starcom ppc-6700 and worked great.

Por mmstudio - Oct 8, 2006

It works great so far, especially...

Pontos Fortes: Size, weight, ease of use.

Pontos Fracos: Sound quality at high volume, ability to stay in place.

It works great so far, especially in the car (which is why I purchased it). It's not real secure and feels like it might fall out if you are walking more than across a grociery store parking lot. Just sitting in the car, or just getting out to pump gas, it fits great and I often forget I have it on. At normal levels you can hear fine, and so can the person on the other end. If you have to turn it up because you're driving with the windows down, the sound becomes distorted. Overall I am very satisfied and would buy it again.

Por fahrney - Jan 24, 2007

not satisfied

Pontos Fortes: its the smallest , very light weight

Pontos Fracos: clarity

voice clarity is ot what i expected , because u can hear a lot of disturbance while in a call. stability in also less, as it falls down if the loop is not used.

Por abhishekgyl - Jan 8, 2007

Not so impressed

Pontos Fortes: Size & cost

Pontos Fracos: Fit,quality

Lost my Plantronics so i thought I'd try this one since it is inexpensive and had decent reviews.

During the short period it worked it seemed ok but the sound quality was never even close to that of the Plantronics for send or receive.

When in the charger you had to fiddle with it to seat right for a charge.

You can't keep it in your ear. I'm used to the fit and feel of an in-the-ear unit but there was no way to keep it in and snug.

I wouldn't waste my money on this unit.

Por ckijora - Mar 7, 2007

Not perfect, but good enough value and quality for this demanding user

Pontos Fortes: Very good sound quality, excellent value, compact design, great charging station - shuts off when fully charged.

Pontos Fracos: The black grid disc that protects the speaker became unglued and fell off. The in-the-ear design is not as comfortable as some, but more comfortable than most. Does not stay in my ear all the time.

I have been looking for a Bluetooth earset mainly for use in the car, to be wireless and have two hands on the wheel. The WEP200 succeeds at this.

It does not have caller ID. I would only want audio caller ID anyhow, the darned thing is small and I'd rather it be small than be bigger and have an LED/LCD caller ID indicator on the unit. Who wants to take the thing off to see who's calling? That defeats the purpose of it being wireless and on the head or in the ear.

The volume toggle could be a bit larger and the up & down buttons could be just a bit further apart, making it easier to adjust and know which way I was adjusting. And I have rather thin fingers.

Note - it's January in Baltimore - I haven't tested the device for sound quality while driving with window(s) down.

I had read reviews on this earpiece saying the same thing - it is comfortable for some, and might not stay in the ear for some ears. For me: it does stay in my ear well enough,; but I think it might be more comfortable and it could stay in my ear longer, most every time with a better design.

I'm not thrilled with the blinking blue light - okay, it's fine to know it's turned on, but I can see that by the indicator on my phone. I don't like having my ear blink blue light.

That said, at $30, I am very pleased with the headset, pleased enough with the sound quality, and would buy it again until a better or equivalent quality and cheaper alternative came along.

Did I mention it fits easily in my shirt/ jacket/ (and even) pants pocket? Nothing will break there, either.

I believe it came with extra ear "cushions" that allow it to gently stay in the ear on friction.

Okay!, I'm done here.

Por uglyboy703 - Jan 21, 2007

samsung wep200 review

Pontos Fortes: small, easy to use, loud and clear.

its a very handy product. small in size, easy to operate. when in use its loud and clear. fits very good. this is a great product to buy if your looking for a good relyable bluetooth.

Por Devildog05 - Jan 17, 2007

Samsung Bluetooth headset

Pontos Fortes: Size and weight.

Pontos Fracos: Battery life and performance.

I like it because its small but it also has a small range. The audio performance is average. The device also does not beep when it is out of range.

Por aditya_b2000 - Jan 1, 2007

Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Headset

Pontos Fortes: Light weight, easy to pair with phone, easy to use.

Pontos Fracos: short battery life, not clear sound.

Recently purchased the Samsung WEP200 bluetooth headset and thus far, it has done well for me. The size and weight of this unit are amazing. Even with the charging case, the unit occupies very little space. But the audio quality and clarity is not very good.
My qualms with the unit would include the lack of noise cancellation software. I have had others report to me that they're unable to hear me when I am walking with the unit on outside. Additionally, the unit needs to be charged semi-frequently as it only has 3-4 Hours talktime and 70 hours standby. This is not an issue for me because I charge nightly. Finally, the ease of use is not completely there because it requires the case to charge and the pairing is not totally intuitive.

Por ybaratt - Dec 12, 2006

Samsung Wep 200

Pontos Fortes: Size, weight, ability to fit different size ears, carying case

Pontos Fracos: Need to use carrying case to recharge

The headset was a terrific value. It worked perfectly once the counter intuitive charging setup was mastered. The manual was not terribly helpful. I have used it my convertible with the top down and while present, the wind noise was not a problem. All in all I continue to be very impressed with this tiny unit.

Por holtzmanjm - Dec 8, 2006

Tiny and good sound quality

Pontos Fortes: Very small and very nice sound

Pontos Fracos: Sometime it may fall out from ear. Near a separate container for charging

Very nice sound quality with a tiny little package. Even I put my phone more than 10 feet away, sound quality still very good. The problem about a small headset without a hook is that it can fall out of my ear sometime. In addition, you need a separate container/base case to hold the headset while charging. Cannot plug the charger right onto the headset itself.

Por psyeung8 - Dec 3, 2006

Beautiful but uncomfortable

Pontos Fortes: good range very lught

Pontos Fracos: hurts my ear will fall out

You should only buy this if you're not especially active while wearing it (or it will probably fall out and get lost or broken). Also, make sure you buy it from someplace without a restocking fee, because there's a good chance that it won't be comfortable in your particular ear. otherwise, it looks nice, and works well.

Por scottegos2 - Nov 4, 2006

Small comfortable BT headset

Pontos Fortes: Smallest BT headset, fits my ear and unobtrusive

Pontos Fracos: none so far

Ordered from Amazon for a good price. Charged it up and it took 1.5 hours. It charges in its own carrying case. Turned it on and paired with my brand new KRZR K1m phone no problems. The single function button has many functions depending on how long and how many times it is pressed. Will have to learn these over time. Sound quality is pretty good. I do notice a bit of backgound hiss on receiving but people I talk to think the sound on sending is good. The manual says 70 hours standby time but I haven't it long enough to confirm my actual mileage.

Por murkyin06 - Oct 6, 2006

The is by far the smallest and the...

Pontos Fortes: portable and light.

The is by far the smallest and the lightest headset that I have owned. I have owned just about all of the bluetooth on the makrket. This is my favorite.

Por tahitimama5 - Sep 28, 2006

Samsung WEP200 Wireless Cell Phone Headset

Pontos Fortes: Size, weight, reception

Pontos Fracos: Stayputability, transmit

Have had it for several months now. Works real good, did fit in ear okay once the right size adapter was chosen. Seems that either my ear hole is getting bigger or adapter is shrinking, does not stay in place as well as before. Have to keep pushing into place when talking so I can be understood. Voice recognition leaves a lil to be desired, definately will not command if riding with window down or area is "slightly" noisey. Have to repeat myself a lot !

Por DarkTari - Aug 28, 2008

Great product for the price

Pontos Fortes: Good sound, compact size

Pontos Fracos: no so far

I mostly wear it in a car while driving, the headset is very convenient with good sound quality and compact size. I like the charger/case. Great product for the price.

Por dmelikov - Feb 18, 2008

works fine, need better instructions

Pontos Fortes: good sound, easy to set up and use, lightweight, handy charger unit.

Pontos Fracos: the instructions and the earbud

The instructions do not explain how to wear the bluetooth but apparently it just hangs in the ear which means it falls out easily. I did not know what the

Por madashell66 - Feb 4, 2008

Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth headset

Pontos Fortes: Great sound quality, easy to use and set up. Super tiny size.

Pontos Fracos: Don't like the fit, falls out. Will probaly try the ear clips.

The headset works flawlessly with PS3! Had a Motorola H500 and it was always coming out of sinc. When I changed a game, I lost the headset. It also interfered with the wireless controller. I actually like the charging case. Most people seem not to but I think it's a good idea.

Por troy444 - Dec 21, 2007



Pontos Fracos: NONE


Por erush1 - Oct 29, 2007

samsung wep 200

Pontos Fortes: sleek,works well

Pontos Fracos: the size of your ear canal will determine whether you will be successfull in keeping the headset in your has adaptors for two sizes, but your ear canal will determine your success

i really like this headset...i prefer it because of it's very small size, it is very inconspicuous,the sound is very good and there is no difficulty in reception on the other end,it does not clog up the ear canal which allows you to hear other things as well, this is very important,,,the down side is finding the perfect way to keep it in your ear

Por wep200 - Sep 13, 2007

WEP200 Samsung headset

Pontos Fortes: Good quality, small, easy to set up and using. Great!

Pontos Fracos: sometimes falling out

I had two bluetooth headsets and this one is the best. I hear everybody and everyone hears me very well. Sometimes fall out from the ear but if it is adjust correctly then it stays on it place.

Por jastrzab13 - Sep 13, 2007

Samsung WEP200 is a Winner

Pontos Fortes: Small, comfortable and very good speaker & microphone quality.

Pontos Fracos: The device is a little finicky. I have had about 10% of the units break within the first few months.

One of the better ear pieces around. Offers good quality at a reasonable price and also offers a less obtrusive look than the normal wrap around ear piece if you have to walk around wearing one.

Por stevef123 - Sep 4, 2007

Like it allot

Pontos Fortes: light, sounds great, people hear me well.

Pontos Fracos: hey, for 24 bucks whos complaining?

I had put off getting a wireless headset for years, then finally the” price to my ability to lose it ratio” became acceptable. These are so affordable I wont freak when I do eventually drop it in the toilet or lose it.. I have the over the ear hook attachment.

Losing it does not seem very probable, because I put it on in the morning and take it off at night to charge. It really starts to become part of you.

I love being able to type notes and addresses on my black berry 8700 while I am talking.
Especially when I am driving. he he

Por esnap - Aug 26, 2007

Great bang for your buck. For what...

Pontos Fortes: Small, lightweight, and attractive

Pontos Fracos: Fragile

Great bang for your buck. For what I paid for it, it surpassed headsets priced 3 times as much with bulkier setups. I recommend this headset for those casual drivers, commercial and professional drivers may want a mic closer to the mouth.

Por nelsonnyland - Jul 29, 2007

Wonderful headset!

Pontos Fortes: Small and comfortable. Clear sound.

Pontos Fracos: None

This Samsung bluetooth headset was recommended by a local dealer who did not have it in stock. I have tried several headsets and this one is smaller, lighter and far more comfortable than the Motorola and LG units that I tried. The clarity is excellent. I highly recommend this headset. It comes with a tiny carrying case which is also used for charging. Although I read that someone did not like the case, I find it especially convenient as it protects the headset when not in use.

Por bkrchkinct - Jul 23, 2007

Works great but doesn't fit in my ear

Pontos Fortes: Good sound quality. Easy press buttons. Nice portable case.

Pontos Fracos: Does not stay in ear (kinda important). Ear clip does not work either. Samsung customer service was useless.

This products works fine. However, the design does not fit my ear. None of the size attachments worked. Purchased an ear clip but it was useless. Previous bluetooth with ear clip fit just fine. Samsung customer service wasted my time and money and will not offer up any other solutions.

Por cdapel13 - Jul 2, 2007

great for the money

Pontos Fortes: great battery life, compact and light weight, good sound inexpensive arrived in original box no doubt an original item.

Pontos Fracos: not intended for extened wear. irritates ear after exteded wear ( a couple of hours)

aside from the extended wear issue it is a great value i received an original piece in its original packages. It arrived a couple of days after ordering. I will buy from this vendor again.

By anonymous; - Jun 24, 2007

Love this thing!

Pontos Fortes: Small, Great sound, easy set up

Pontos Fracos: Could be more comfortable, prefer USB charger port right on the device, which is more readily available

I have recommend this to all my friends and associates. Of the three similar devices I have owned this is the best.
If it had a mini USB charger port on the device itself, you would not need to bring the extra charger and cradle.

Por JerryH57 - Jun 15, 2007

Small and convenient!

Pontos Fortes: Small Easy Pretty

Pontos Fracos: small voice receiving person hears; too far from my mouth?

I like this product; it's small and convenient.

However, maybe it is too small so other receiver hears very small voice of mine.

And increasing and decreasing volume buttons seem a little confusing because this can be equipped in both ears. hard to explain :(

Por unkikim - Jun 13, 2007

The Samsung WEP200 works like a...

Pontos Fortes: Size, Price, Clarity, Ease of use

Pontos Fracos: None that I have encountered.

The Samsung WEP200 works like a charm! I just had to get over the feeling that it was going to fall out of my ear at any second. Once I found out that it is very secure just by gently placing it in my ear, I came to love the headset. It is very clear. No reception problems on either end.

I'd highly recommend this product to anyone.

Por Sandan - Jun 10, 2007

Samsung WEP200 Wireless Cell Phone Headset

Pontos Fortes: Unkn

Pontos Fracos: Unkn

Item was used, charging case was broken and was a knockoff of the Samsung WEP200. Unable to completely charge due to broken charger case. Unable to test. I intend to purchase again.

By anonymous; - Jun 7, 2007

I bought the WEP200 after reading...

Pontos Fortes: Easy to pair; small size

Pontos Fracos: Other people can't hear me

I bought the WEP200 after reading favorable reviews. I paired it with a Samsung SPH-i830. Unfortunately, despite everything I've read about sound quality, other people can't hear me, and there is no way to adjust the volume of the microphone, either from the headset or the phone. I'm sticking with the wired headset that came with the phone.

Por mabelsc - Jun 6, 2007

Good deal

Pontos Fortes: Receive in 2 days, and work great.

Pontos Fracos: Doesn't have any instruction show how to use this, at least give some written instruction so I know how to start this thing.

I bought 2 at same time, they were shipped in same box but got charge shipping twice. Give some shipping discount if purchase more than 1 at a time. Got a good deal but have to search around how to start this device with my cell phone.

Por Thien07 - Jun 6, 2007

Small enough to lose easily

I gave this as a gift to my husband. Some people said this headset was the best one for a Treo. While the small size is great- it also meant that he lost it less than a week after he got it.

By anonymous; - May 25, 2007

Good concept--poor execution

Pontos Fortes: The design is excellent: small, lightweight, and the speaker is directly in the ear canal -- which is a great advantage in a noisy environment.

Pontos Fracos: The unit apparently failed to turn off after a call. Thus, only one or two out of five calls could be completed, and the phone battery discharged quickly.

There have been reports of non-OEM units being sold, which I can't address knowledgeably. However, the unit I received did differ slightly from my wife's WEP200, which I purchased for her at a Cingular kiosk at the mall. Mine looked exactly like hers, but did not blink blue when fully charged, as hers did (it merely stopped blinking red). Additionally, mine included an over-the-ear hook, which hers did not have.

The unit I received was defective, and has been returned. It did not turn off after a call, thus making a subsequent call impossible, and rapidly discharging my phone's battery. I tried everything I could think of or find in the manual to fix the problem, all to no avail. Hopefully, the next one will be better....

Por changeyourstupidpolicyonthis - May 17, 2007


Pontos Fortes: NONE

Pontos Fracos: ear piece broke after 2 days. it was a refurbished piece.

if ur company is selling refurbished products, please mention so on pricegrabber so the customer knows what they are buying. I would greatly appreciate it if the product can be exchanged for the better quality product.

Por harveysingh79 - May 6, 2007



By anonymous; - Apr 29, 2007


Pontos Fortes: small, and light

Pontos Fracos: dies after days of used

do not buy it, fall easy, it's cheap made, don't work
after 1 week of use. it does not recharge or turn on
its a waste of money. believe me

Por banibale - Apr 26, 2007


Pontos Fortes: Very Small Size and Great Sound Quality

Pontos Fracos: N/A

Would definitely buy again. Very fast shipping. It is Bluetooth 2.0 as stated in the description. That was very important to me since my phone is also Bluetooth 2.0.

Por aholmez - Apr 26, 2007

WEP200 Wireless Cell Phone Headset

Pontos Fortes: very compact; good sound quality

Pontos Fracos: will not fit every ear

I use it only while I'm driving, therefore I don't know how good or bad the sound is when the wind is blowing. In the enclosure of a moving car the earphone sounds great.
However, it took me long time and experimenting with different size loops (enclosed) until I found the way to secure the phone in my ear in such a way that I'm not afraid to lose it. Even so, I don't think I would feel comfortable wearing it while walking.
My wife tried it on and said it was a perfect fit. So, if you can't try it on before you buy, or return it after - consider safety of a more traditional "loop around the ear" design.

By anonymous; - Apr 23, 2007

little giant

Pontos Fortes: small but powerful and versatile

Pontos Fracos: range not good, must keep phone near

The sexiest bluetooth head set on the market. My wife and I have one and haven't had any problems with the functions or sound quality. It does everything the bulky ones do and more, but is inconspicuous, unique and doesn't scream "LOOK AT ME!, I'M WEARING A BLUETOOTH HEADSET"

Buyer beware: there are some "copycats" out there that are of inferior quality, so make sure to use a reputable seller that only deals in "original products"

Por chef2k - Apr 13, 2007

Samsung WEP 200

Pontos Fortes: Ease of use and programming, compatibility with Samsung phone, small size (unobtrusive), cost

Pontos Fracos: Determining most effective sized earpiece to utilize

The product is easy to program with my Samsung phone,is easy to use once programmed, is of a decent size, and typically lasts for up to a week of standby/talk time. This negates the need to charge on a more than once a week basis. Product is extremely useful and allows all types of activities while being hands-free, especially when driving a manual transmission vehicle which requires use of both hands for steering/shifting.

Por rvoyer - Mar 26, 2007

WEP200-Pretty Good, But Not Great

Pontos Fortes: Small size and weight. Good sound and volume

Pontos Fracos: No ear clip. Drains phone battery

Lightweight and very small. The sound reception is surprisingly good. People at the other end can't tell you are using a blutooth adapter. I really don't like the rubber spring system to hold the unit in your ear. It constantly feels like it will fall out and sometimes does. I will probably get one of the optional behind the ear clips you can get for it for more security.

Otherwise I really like the unit except that when it is paired with my Samsung SGH-D900 phone it seems to drain the battery on the phone very quickly. It came bundled with the phone.

By anonymous; - Mar 12, 2007

Samsung WEP 200

Pontos Fortes: stanby charge, talking time, signal strength

Pontos Fracos: charger without a clear 'full charge' signal. Fragile charger case and loose connetion to the headset. A bit too long time to switch on&off the device.

Better then the motorola HS 850. The Samsung doesn't easily drops the signal, is virtually invisible to wear and very comfortable. Without the optional hook is easy for the headset to come off the hear. The WEP 200 is extremely light and comfortable to wear. Great product.

Por draculino - Feb 26, 2007

Samsung WEP200

Pontos Fortes: small, lightweight, clarity

Pontos Fracos: keeping it in the ear

By far the Samsung WEP200 is the best bluetooth headset I've used yet. Finding the correct way to position it in the ear was a little tricky but once done, its hardly noticable. Easy to forget it's there. Clarity and range are great when the product is the genuine Samsung. The first unit I purchased was not genuine Samsung, and did not function properly.

Por delazuba - Feb 24, 2007

Overall the product is pretty...

Pontos Fortes: Small and compact. It's not uncomfortable to carry in pocket. And samll enought that it's neraly not felt.

Pontos Fracos: Not very steady in ear. If any sudden movements the ear peice tends to fall out. Not as strong connection as other bluetooth devices.

Overall the product is pretty good. Most of the time signal is pretty good, but on occasion the person on the other end complains of echo and interference.

It certainly does not reach 30ft from cell phone, with phone in pant pocket, one can hear some interference.

With that said, I am pretty satisfied with the purchase. In terms of comfort and size, I would certailny buy again. In terms of signal and connection, I would probably research a little more.

Por Crey23 - Feb 21, 2007

WEP200 wireless cell phone headset

Pontos Fortes: You can hear well with this ear piece. It is small and works well for women with long hair.

Pontos Fracos: Hard to get it the ear

Overall quite acceptable. Better than other products we tried. Considering what else is available, it still seems worthwhile. The sound quality is good. Not too expensive. It is hard to get into the ear.

Por srshapiro - Feb 18, 2007

Fake merchandise!

Pontos Fortes: None

Buyers beware! I bought this bluetooth headset recently and discovered that it was a clone/copy/fake! I know this because I bought the real one from the T-Mobile store and compared the two. The fake headset that I bought from this vendor had terrible hollow and static sound quality compared to the real version, I had difficulty serial connecting (locating)to other bluetooth devices, the charger did not work properly, and the Samsung logo looked really cheesy! Note to anyone; be very cautious when buying small inexpansive electronic devices online! Especialy from this vendor! On a positive note however, this vendor did refund me my money, minus a 6% restocking fee. So I give them props on that! However, it was clearly obvious that this merchandise was fake. I find that to be Insulting, Disrespectful not to mention Illegal!

Por joeyzza - Feb 15, 2007

Great but has it's drawbacks.

Pontos Fortes: Small and comfortable.

Pontos Fracos: Works well in my car but sometimes just going outside creates static unless phone is next to the headset.

Other than the static problem the only thing I worry about is losing it due to it's size. I only use this headset mostly while driving so it's perfect for me. Anyone else might try something that has higher ratings.

Por dbz_saiyanchris - Feb 12, 2007


According to Customer Service at Cell Hut accessories contained in the package from Samsung vary for no reason. In particular the over the ear clip
that can attach to the WEP200 as the user desires.

By anonymous; - Feb 4, 2007

Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Headset

Pontos Fortes: works well

The ear is so large it irritates the inside of my ear after a few min. of wearing. It works fine..but I am getting another style with the loop that hooks around the ear.

By anonymous; - Feb 2, 2007

Can't rate this product very well (WEP200) - haven't had a fully working product

Pontos Fortes: Small, light

Pontos Fracos: Product doesn't seem to connect to phone very well. When you walk out of range from cell phone and come back, product seems to take a while to re-connect w/ phone.

Truthfully we've had to have 2 products shipped to us and both have not worked. Both headsets would not charge for us. We would put the headset into the cradle and the charge light would quickly turn off. The second product we received we were able to use the headset a little but weren't satisfied with how it worked.

We've been trying to work with our seller ( to get a working product but at this point I'm now asking for a full refund.

Por stonemillnz - Jan 24, 2007

WEP200 Wireless Cell Phone Headset

Pontos Fortes: Size

Pontos Fracos: Sound quality. Sometimes disconnects from RAZR for unknown reason

This is a good headset for the price. It is very light weight and small. So it can be worn long periods without any discomfort. You will forget its still in your ear.

Por out2buy - Jan 23, 2007

This product really needs a lot of...

Pontos Fortes: The WEB200 blue tooth product has an excellent clear sound,but I had received coments from the other side of the line stating that I sound like I am iside a tunel. It's very small and handy that fits in your shirt pocket. the web 200 is confartable on yo

Pontos Fracos: The charger for this web 200 is compact, but not practical, the conection of the box with the power cable do not conect well.. and you don't know if you have enough charge or not..thought the instructions said that the yellow light will turn blue when is

This product really needs a lot of improvements, it can be a really good pruduct with the right charging metod.
"do not lose your charger".

By anonymous; - Jan 17, 2007

Samsung weep200. That should be the right spelling.

Pontos Fortes: small size

Pontos Fracos: sound quality is not as what I get from other reviews. I'm not using anymore lest I have to say ofthe "excuse me". The other party can't hear me well either. My voice is suppressed or sounds like I'm

Sorry. just not satified with what I bought. I'm thinking, what I paid for is what I got... Cheap!! Was attracted with the small size. and so with the quality of the sound. SMALL!!

By anonymous; - Jan 12, 2007

WEP200 Wireless Cell Phone Headset

Pontos Fortes: size and weight

Pontos Fracos: clarity

Unless I happened to get a knockoff, the product does not perform as well as I had heard. Maybe I was expecting too much for its size. It is almost useless when in it is windy or there is background noise. If driving, the windows are up, and the a/c is not blowing on it then it is great. My LogiTech was like that without the mike cover.

10 for size and weight
4 for clarity
6 over all

By anonymous; - Jan 5, 2007

Its the FAKE one

Pontos Fortes: very similar to the real product

Pontos Fracos: everything opossite the original product

you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for. you get what you paid for.

By anonymous; - Jan 5, 2007

buyer alert

Pontos Fortes: none

Pontos Fracos: Sent defective items; no customer services

Advertised brand new/original but sent items that were missing parts and defective. Very hard to reach any body. Refuse to refund for full credit. Charged me 15% restock and double shipping fees for nothing.

By anonymous; - Dec 16, 2006

The price is very reasonable and...

Pontos Fortes: Easy to use and works well with my Blackberry Pearl. Price is VERY reasonable approx. $30

Pontos Fracos: Setup instructions are weak.

The price is very reasonable and its the smallest bluetooth I've seen around yet. Like any other wireless device you're not going to get 100% clarity, but it works well enough for me.

The setup instructions are meager. To sync the headset you must press the button on the headset down for 10+ seconds until the light is solid blue and not blinking.

By anonymous; - Dec 12, 2006

Samsung WEP200 review

Pontos Fortes: small size, integrated charger in carrying case, low price

Pontos Fracos: sound quality, integrated charger in case, low build quality

I thought this would be a nice bluetooth headset: it's small, cute, and the charger is integrated into the case. However, this integration proved to be a negative. The charger connecter on my headset is so flimsy it falls out, or the charging light goes off if you bump it slightly. Another problem is the sound quality. It picks up too much noise from traffic, and has serious echo problems for the person receiving your call. Overall, it was more trouble than it was worth. I switched to a Jabra, and suddenly all my calls were clear.

By anonymous; - Nov 29, 2006

Samsung Bluetooth

Pontos Fortes: Small

Pontos Fracos: It sound terrible

It is nice and small. It fits in the ear poorly and people sa it souds bad when talking to them. I would never buy this item again nor would I recommend it to someone else

By anonymous; - Nov 24, 2006

Price is right,also very...


Pontos Fracos: hard to stay in my ear

Price is right,also very small.Battery life is goog the style is very cool.It took several days for me to make it stay in place in the ear.

By anonymous; - Nov 5, 2006

I bought one of these for my...

Pontos Fortes: Very small, good reception

Pontos Fracos: battery life

I bought one of these for my husband before I bought mine. His seems to be much better than mine. One day I couldn't get mine to turn off. I recharged it and then it worked fine. It has also just lost connectivity with my phone while I was in the middle of a conversation. No, I didn't walk too far away from it, my phone was on my body. So far, I have not been extremely pleased with my headset but my husband loves his. I think I may have just gotten a lemon...

By anonymous; - Nov 2, 2006

Look out 007

Pontos Fortes: Small and discrete, excellent sound quality

Pontos Fracos: Instruction manual, initial comfort in ear

If you don't want to look like you want to get beamed up by Scottie this earpiece is for you. Sound quality is great. It takes getting used to in the ear but you won't notice after a while. The manual doesn't explain clearly how to pair w/ phone but all you have to do is hold button down an extra few seconds while your phone is searching.

By anonymous; - Oct 25, 2006

most uncomforable headset in the universe

Pontos Fortes: really cool small light

Pontos Fracos: hurts like heck to wear

Who cares about noise canceling or redial or whatever when you make a product that's like torture to wear? Unless your ear happens to fit the one size earpiece provided, you're going to hate this thing. If it had fit, it would probably be four stars (since, even then, I'd probably end up losing it when it fell out of my ear). Wow, this was terrible!

Por sarinole - Oct 24, 2006

Samsung WEP 200 Bluetooth Headset

Pontos Fortes: Crystal clear and great reception.

Pontos Fracos: It will shut off without knowing it.

I think this product can compete with the motorola H500. I used them both already. The advantage of Motorola H500 is the tight connection between cell phone and bluetooth headset. And there is no disconnection in between. But the WEP 200 will lost its connection without knowing it until the phone ring. This is terrible. The battery power both models are similar - three days usage for average.

By anonymous; - Oct 24, 2006

Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Headset

Pontos Fortes: ultra-small size, clarity, ease of use

Pontos Fracos: so small it's hard to hold on to, in ear style is not for everyone.

I like the Samsung WEP200 bluetooth earpiece. It's fit in my ear is the only questionable attribute. Sound is good with LG VX8300. Better than previously owned motorola 850 and 700.

Por superbison - Oct 10, 2006

Best earpeice ever

Pontos Fortes: Light weight, comfortable, you almost forget its in your ear. Long battery life. Clear transmission as long as you have a good cell signal

Pontos Fracos: profile on side of head

I am very pleased with the product. It is so comfortable you forget you have it on. The battery life is very good. I have yet to have it die on me and lasts longer than my telephone battery. The only complaint I have is its profile. It is obvious you have something in your ear even though it is very small. This would not prevent me from continuing to use it. It charges very fast, about 2 hours if you follow the recomendation of charging it for 6 hours the first time.

By anonymous; - Oct 8, 2006

Tiny headet beats all!

Pontos Fortes: Very small size, lightweigh, good call quality

Pontos Fracos: earplug mechanism not so secure. The headest falls out sometimes

I really like this headset (after trying and giving up on 3 headets .. Jabra, Philips and Motorola). The size is unbelievably small, and Samsung provides a Nifty case to keep it in .. plus the case serves as a charging dock as well. The call quality is quite clear. I haven't heard any complaints from my listeners till now (I can listen fine!)

The only issue that I have is that it does not sit very well in my ear. Hence if it's raining or I'm crossing street in a busy area .. I just take it off so that it does not fall on the ground. Also, the mouthpiece being a little far from the mouth just gives you a feel that maybe the other guy does not get the "fulness" of your voice especially when it's windy or noisy around you.

Por anupamgirdhar - Oct 7, 2006

Not Great but Not Bad

Pontos Fortes: Works well with the samsung SPH-A900. Charges within an hour. The light tell's you when its on and off. The charging and carrying case is very nice. Good design!!

Pontos Fracos: Goes into ear and takes a bit getting used to just perpare for a bit of discomfort. Battery life is not as long as some if you use it constantly.

I have been using the Samsung wep-200 for the past few days, and it has been performing with my phone then the Motorola H700. I was afraid after using the Motorola that the Samsung would not have the same features it has alot of the basics except for the noise cancellation software which I was hoping for. It is clear and you can be a good distance away from the phone, which are the main features I was looking for.

Por firephnx2375 - Oct 2, 2006

Clear and comfy

Pontos Fortes: Good sound quality, light, comfortable

Pontos Fracos: None so far

I just received this today and its the best bluetooth headset I have so far. The sound is clear, and its not heavy. Its super small and looks very sleek. It fits very securely in your ear even when shaking your head. It comes with a neat looking charger/case. I would hope they would come out with a car charger adapter for this. Overall, its very good.

Por nyyanks81 - Sep 30, 2006

samsung wep-200

Pontos Fortes: very lightweight, good call quality, slick loook

Pontos Fracos: none that i can think of right now

i have not had any problems with this headset other than the fact that the blue light does not turn on when the unit is fully charged. this has not affected the performance. this is well worth the price paid

Por paulsbedi - Sep 24, 2006

Smallest headset ever! It matches...

Pontos Fortes: Small, light, reliable, loud, beautiful, flashing LED makes it cooler.

Pontos Fracos: Sometimes the charger case doesn't make good contact so you have to watch for the light when you set it on it.

Smallest headset ever! It matches my T809 Samsung beauty. It's very light and the volume is very high. The charger is perfect for it. I love it.

By anonymous; - Sep 6, 2006

samsung WEP200

Pontos Fortes: comfort

Pontos Fracos: battery

great headset! easy partnership with QTEK9100
good sound in both directions!
brandnew... so rather expensive
battery charged in less than 1h
very comfortable wearing the earpiece
would never choose a "classic" design anymore
you can easely put the headset in his box and in your pocket

By anonymous; - Jun 29, 2006

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