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1 Star Review A cool looking piece that became terrible


Neuronix - (July 11, 2012) I purchased this piece one week ago. I found out the hard way that water, even tiny drops of water, will stain the brown fabric BRIGHT WHITE. Even if you get a bead of sweat onto it because you are weaing shorts or a short sleeve shirt, it will stain it bright white. If you spill even a small glass of tap water on the couch, you will have ruined it. I've tried everything to turn it back to brown, and it just looks worse and worse. Ikea customer service is insultingly bad and absolutely no help. Avoid this piece or plan to cover it.

1 Star Review Very sorry I purchased this. Will never shop at IKEA again


Shermanscs - (January 23, 2013) I bought this piece for our weekend cottage. I owned it for 4 months before the wooden base frame snapped in half. This was not a couch we used every day. We used it maybe 10 times before this happened. IKEA would not stand behind the product. This was clearly a manufacturing defect. The piece that snapped was the main frame - not a piece I assembled. They indicated that they do not warrantee this product and that since I purchased it over 90 days ago, I was out of luck. So, I had to either throw it out or try to fix myself. So after spending over $800 4 months ago, I now have a couch that I had to rig with metal brackets and 2x4's from home depot. I was (and still am) sick over this. I

4 Star Review Awesome couch!


theprowier - (November 26, 2006) I highly recommend this couch. People love it, and I think it's extremely comfortable. The cushions were a little firm at first, but they're pretty well broken in now, and it's really nice. You can lean against the armrests on either end, and it's very comfortable. The corner seat just swallows you with the cushions. I was pretty disappointed though to see that you can't flip the cushions over if you were to cut/stain one side. We don't have children now, but the thought concerns me when we do. I'd definitely buy it all over again.

Últimas Opiniões

1 Star Review Upholstry separating and peeling after three years.

bevjayz - (14-10-2013) We have had this sofa and matching love seat for 3 years. About 4 months ago we noticed a little bubble in the upholstery here and there. They bubbles have since grown, and ripped and now the enter "blended leather" is peeling off in chunks. It's absolutely awful. The top layer of the fabric or whatever it is, is very thin and it's bubbling and peeling off all over now. I'm very sad and disappointed. It looked good until then. However, soon after we got it, we noticed the feet turned our beige carpet pink where it had been sitting on the floor. Rooms to go, where we purchased it, did compensate us for that. However, now that it's almost completely destroyed I would definitely not recommend this item. Unless you are planning to replace your furniture in three years anyway, then it'll be fine.

2 Star Review not the best couch

Anonymous User - (07-08-2013) I love the design and the size of this couch, the features are great, but you cannot wash it, the fabric is already stretching after only two weeks of use and the springs squeak.

5 Star Review Really pleased customers

Anonymous - (04-07-2013) Very pleased with the Jersey 2 Seater Sofa. Its very light, so easy to move around the garden and is also very comfortable, a great addition to my garden.

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