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5 Star Review Surprise - total comfort!


mrathke - (November 10, 2005) I am a 36 year-old who wanted a comfortable spot where I could relax while working with my notebook on my lap. This chair allows me to sit hour after hour in comfort. This chair is, ironically, the most inexpensive chair I own, yet the most comfortable. My back is thanking me tremendously. I also enjoy watching movies or listening to my mp3 player from this chair utilizing the audio connection. The sound coming from the chair's speakers is very clear. The bass control is a very nice feature, as well.

3 Star Review Tetrad Totnes Leather Chair Review


sarnau - (February 01, 2010) Purchased two of these chairs a little under 12 months ago but not from John Lewis. If you shop around you can get these much cheaper although not many stores hold them in stock. These chairs look absolutely fabulous in the flesh and based on looks alone they would get 5 stars. OK so I have a problem with the chairs. The seat pad is very solid (but comfy) and if you're quite short like me (5' 3") you may find the depth a little hazardous with drinks as the seat pad does tend to tip out of the seat when sitting or standing although this has improved with use. The underside of the seat cushion is upholstered in a cotton like material and fastened at the back with buttons. Unfortunately use of

1 Star Review A cool looking piece that became terrible


Neuronix - (July 11, 2012) I purchased this piece one week ago. I found out the hard way that water, even tiny drops of water, will stain the brown fabric BRIGHT WHITE. Even if you get a bead of sweat onto it because you are weaing shorts or a short sleeve shirt, it will stain it bright white. If you spill even a small glass of tap water on the couch, you will have ruined it. I've tried everything to turn it back to brown, and it just looks worse and worse. Ikea customer service is insultingly bad and absolutely no help. Avoid this piece or plan to cover it.

Últimas Opiniões

3 Star Review Elegant, Chic, Minimalist but Has a Weird Angle

jovycortez11 - (14-01-2014) When I first saw this I thought I really like the white leatherette quilted design. It has a classy vibe to it. I've seen this once at an art expo and I really liked it. It suited the lobby of my office in the city. I think it is perfect for places like Art museums. I was surprised that it is quite sturdy and secured even if it has skinny metal legs. But due to the slanted angle of the chair, it becomes so hard to stand up. It would not be a good chair for the family room or receiving area. It is quite low also. And if you have short legs like I do then it would be hard to get up from it. It has a very good quality of materials though. It would have been perfect if it was not angled this way.

4 Star Review White

Chrisryan98 - (12-01-2014) I have a black Eames chair I got off Craig's list and liked it so much I wanted another. I looked and looked for another on there but couldn't find one. An original is out of my price range so I looked at replicas. I originally bought this from Rove Concepts but it arrived broken and their customer service was awful. I returned it and decided to take my business somewhere else. I bought this in December and am so happy with it. I am sure glad I found these guys.

5 Star Review Nice Barcelona Chair

lbk62 - (03-01-2014) Excellent Chair, i have two of this model at the office and is excellent!, extra comfort, an all classic design, sturdy, made to last, if you are looking for some fancy and all time durable chairs, this is what you need! highly recommended.

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