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Móveis para Cozinha e Sala de Jantar - Opiniões sobre Produtos

Comentários mais Úteis

1 Star Review Dining Set - Mission Oak Furniture - American Themes: Trestle Dining Table - 417-44BT


vherdler - (December 09, 2004) We have had the table two years, permanent water stains left on the table and we have been unable to repair the damage caused by these unsightly water stains. We have also been unsuccessful in trying to get these stains repaired and no response from the manufacturer.

5 Star Review Home Styles Napa Kitchen Island Cart


masonistic - (April 07, 2008) This is a great kitchen cart for the price. It's a larger size than many and provides a good sized, stable work surface for the kitchen. It's constructed of solid wood instead of the chip/fiber board stuff, which also makes it somewhat heavy which accounts for some of the stability. It has four casters so it can be moved around and two of them can lock to prevent it from rolling if you don't want it to. Assembly took about 70 minutes, 15 of which consisted of unpacking it. Each piece is covered in foam wrapping and there's styrofoam sheets between the large pieces as well as all of the pieces that are near the sides of the box. There were no scratches, dents, or other damage as a resu

4 Star Review  A useful addition to the kitchen!


tborden - (February 02, 2007) The auto-open feature is a little unsettling at first perhaps, but I really appreciate it when I'm holding something messy and don't want to touch the lid. Also, glad it doesn't talk!

Últimas Opiniões

3 Star Review good value for money/ tricky to put together

diygirl123 - (17-09-2013) Quite tricky to put together. But here's some tips I found useful. Make sure you fit the runners to the cabinet BEFORE putting the cabinet together especially if you are going for 3 drawers as they only have markings for the top drawer, you have to use the measurements given in the cabinet instructions for the other 2. Use a 2mm drill bit for pilot holes. Place something under the drawer base to keep it in place when you turn it upside down to screw it together Pre-drill holes for the screws on the bottom by 7mm Buy some 15mm screws that don't need a pilot hole to use to attach the drawer to the drawer front (4 for each drawer) to avoid the urge to throw the drawer across the room!

5 Star Review Fabulous

Quiffy - (17-09-2013) This product looks fantastic and we certainly made the right choice for our kitchen.

5 Star Review Great stuff

Spacesaverlou - (14-09-2013) They serve their purpose well

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