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Estantes para Televisão e Estantes - Opiniões sobre Produtos

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5 Star Review Excellent Tech Craft SWP60


dawgrif - (August 09, 2007) Very nice design. I love the look of this unit. Great value for the money. The hinges are the Italian style that are not visible to the outside of the unit which are nice but a little tricky to get doors to align up. Very sturdy for my 60 inch Sony SXRD. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone. The only advise I would give is when assembling make sure you have two people and about 1 hour to spare.

4 Star Review Useful and pleasing to the eye...


kenjamd - (October 10, 2007) While this product is advertised as only being able to a TV of 36" or less, I'd like to let you in on a secret: it looks great under my JVC 61" LCOS TV. Any TV with a pedestal not wider than the top shelf of this stand looks good on this perch, and it will easily hold any of the lighter big-screen TVs. We were looking for a taller stand, so that our growing kids wouldn't get in the way of watching the TV. This stand is a couple of inches taller than most of the ones we could find to compare with, cheaper than all but the shoddiest of them, and the silver accents look nice with our silver home theater components. There is plenty of space for a large variety of components and accessories

1 Star Review Tv stand


Anonymous - (June 06, 2012) I will not purchase this tv stand unless it is made from real wood. By looking at the price, It is made from some kind of weak fabric that will not last. If it was stainless steal maybe.

Últimas Opiniões

5 Star Review Excellent value

tandemike - (08-09-2013) A beautiful piece of cut pine. The few knots in it add, I think, to its looks. The thickness has been chosen to fit well with its width x length dimensions. After coating with beeswax it became a very nice bit of furniture for my utility room.

4 Star Review brackets

trasee - (04-09-2013) being on economy drive, I bought the cheapest of the brackets... although there is nothing at all wrong with the bracket I would not recommend them for shelving if you need to put any weight onto the shelf... as they wobble. again nothing wrong as such with the product..

5 Star Review Great Purchase

boydy - (31-08-2013) Easy to put together, very strong and sturdy, keeps the garage looking tidy!

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