Reviews for Makita Tools 18 Volt Driver Drill W/2 Batteries 6347DWDE

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This is not a homeowner-consumer...

Pontos Fortes: Professional-grade, built to last, lockout switch

Pontos Fracos: Somewhat pricey, but worth it!

This is not a homeowner-consumer grade drill. This is a serious tool. You can buy a cheaper drill to hang pictures or drill the occasional hole, but don't try to build a deck with it. I used this Makita to build a deck and it never let me down. From countersinking to drilling 1/2" holes through double wet 4x4s, the Makita was up to the task. I bought the Makita after buying a 19V Craftsman that kept quitting during the aformentioned tasks. I returned the Craftsman and have been thrilled. This Makita also has a lockout feature. You can drill at full torque anytime without resetting the clutch. This is a timesaver. It comes with 2 batteries and a charger, so you can keep working. I highly recommend this drill.

Por philcrocetti - Jun 10, 2005

Makita 18V 1/2" Cordless Driver-Drill

Pontos Fortes: Powerful, balanced, well-constructed

Pontos Fracos: Heavy

Excellent, well designed, and well balanced tool. Delivers amazing power and torque - I never thought a battery-powered tool could have enough torque to twist it out of your hand! One definitely has to be careful when using large drill bits. I really like that it has a 1/2-inch chuck and has the power to handle 1/2-inch tools. The chuck tightens easily and stays tight - unlike another brand I've used on which the chuck continually worked itself loose. In addition, this drill has a smart charger that will not "overcharge" the batteries, but provides a "trickle charge" if the battery is left in the charger. The only thing I would like to see is a little less weight. Every ounce counts when using a tool like this over the long term. Overall, this drill seems very tough and able to handle serious work.

Por oilman2000 - Dec 19, 2005

Heavy and strong, time will prove whether it last

Pontos Fortes: Feels very strong, 2 batteries are nice, the 1-hour charger also helps.

Pontos Fracos: Too heavy ...

This thing feels really good in hand, it is heavy, which is both good and bad. When you play with it, heavy tool make you feel good, I assume it means better durability too. Time will prove though. The weight also has obvious down side, my arms get tired much faster using this compared to using my old light one.

I like the 1 hour charger, it charges the battery really fast, and with 2 batteries I guess I will never be left out of power.

Por tzh2231 - Sep 28, 2005

Markita 18V 1/2" Cordless Driver

Pontos Fortes: durable, powerful and quick charge

Pontos Fracos: little heavy for home use

This is one of very good 18V driver and I like it. I bough this even though I have 18 V dWEll driver. Recommended for heavy use, outdoor, abusive environment.

Por songyoo - Dec 14, 2005

No major complaints

Pontos Fortes: Well built, charges quickly, plenty of torque, good price with Makita rebate

Pontos Fracos: Leaking "fluid" in case?

I would have purchased a DeWalt of Milwaukee if it weren't for the Makita rebate making this one half the price of the others. Works good, but I have yet to really put it though tough test. Only complaint so far is that bearing lubricant is leaking slowly out of the drill into the case. This is probably just extra and will slow over time. It does not seem to affect performance.

Por ruddn - Jan 26, 2006