Casio G100-1BV G-Shock Relógio De Pulso - Preto

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Relógio de G-choque preto. Óculos técnicos: Combinação análogo-digital. Choque resistente. Água de 200 metro Resistente. Magnético resistente. Backlight eletro-luminescente. Cronômetro. Time dual. Dail alarmam. Calendário automático. 12/24 hora Formata.


Product Title: Casio G100-1BV G-Shock Relógio De Pulso - Preto

Fabricante: Casio

Preço Mais Baixo: R$177,39 from ValleySeek Store

Power Score: 4.9 | 3 Reviews

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G100-1BV Black G-Shock Mens Rubber Watch

Pontos Fortes: Very Tough Reliable Water resistant to 200 meters Stop Watch, etc.

Pontos Fracos: None so far

This watch is great. I had another model when they first came out and they last forever, and are extremely tough. They can be used as cronographs as well since they are water proof to 200 meters.

Por franco100000 - May 30, 2008

Very Affordable Rugged and Handsome A/D Chronometer

This is another fine Casio G-Shock, that is very affordable, rugged, handsome analog-digital quartz based watch. Having bought this yesterday, let me offer my thoughts. The watch is relatively light-weight, yet, when the factor resin bands are removed, the watch definitely takes on a decidedly CHUNKY and SOLID feel. Like that old TV commercial for G-Shock, you get the impression you could use...
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By anonymous; - Jul 5, 2006

Awesome watch

Pontos Fortes: Attractive, Durable a definate man's watch

Pontos Fracos: None

This watch has durability like you just don't know. It withstands all weather situations and acts as a great dive watch. You will like the light weight and comfort of this watch along with the dynamic look.

Por espinosarm - Jun 12, 2006

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