Life Fitness F3 Treadmill with GO Console

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Life Fitness F3 Treadmill with GO Console The Life Fitness F3 Treadmill is the first of its kind foldable treadmill that doesn't sacrifice quality. It's loaded with everything that has made Life Fitness treadmills the top choice among discerning exercisers around the world. And the highest-quality components ensure years of rugged use. The Life Fitness F3 is so sturdy and sleek, you'll be amazed that it actually folds. Pair it with the Go Console for an extremely easy-to-use interface with the essential workout programs you'll need to maintain an effective fitness regimen.   Key Features Contact heart rate hand sensors and wireless telemetry heart rate monitoring system The patented FlexDeck¨ shock absorption system reduces impact to joints by nearly 30% compared to ordinary treadmills  Simple navigation and ergonomically placed controls, including a lower control pad that brings the buttons you use most often closer to you. And the Go Systemª Quick Start feature remembers your preferred walk, jog and run speeds, as well as three different incline positions, so you can get started with the push of a button. Oversized, dual cupholders plus a built-in reading rack and front-mounted accessory tray to hold cell phone, MP3 player, or remote Customize your equipment by selecting the console that best fits your needs. Choose the Track Console for the latest in tracking and entertainment features. The Go Console features all of the programming you'll need to get
Product TitleLife Fitness F3 Treadmill with GO Console
FabricanteLife Fitness
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