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Good overall phone

Pontos Fortes: Nokia reliability, FM radio, flip phone, external display

Pontos Fracos: Speakerphone too low

To be the initial offering for Nokia for flip phones, they did a pretty good job. It even has an FM radio. The speakerphone was the only drawback I found for it. The sound is just too low to carry on a conversation in this manner in anything but a quiet room.

Por NVAlex - Aug 3, 2006

Nokia 6101

Pontos Fortes: Durability Functionality User Friendly Features

Pontos Fracos: Lacks the style of other brands like Samsung or Motorola Not enough memory

Overall I am very happy with my Nokia 6101. I had read some mediocre reviews but put my faith in Nokia. My first phone was a Nokia and it was great and the 6101 is living up to my expectations. It lacks the style of some other flip styles but the features are simple to use and the the voice reception is good. It takes good pictures and video and I like that you can customize the interior color screen and the exterior color screen with different pictures. I do wish it had more memory though.

Por kp2005 - Jan 17, 2006

Nokia 6101

Pontos Fortes: Signal Strength

Pontos Fracos: None observed

This cell phone is a real nice unit! I am able to get reception that I was not able to get on my previous Motorola V180. The fm radio feature is also a nice addition! Now, when I would like to listen to the radio, I am able to by using the included earphones. The unit itself is not flimsy and is comfortable to use. I am very satisfied with this cell phone.

Por Cburke8013 - Feb 17, 2006

Nokia 6101 Cell Phone (GSM, 0.3MP, 4.4MB)

Pontos Fortes: Strong signal, clear sound, good reception

Pontos Fracos: no bluetooth

I got a t-mobile togo phone and put in my contract sim card and use it with no problem. I like the fact that when you dial a phone number, all the numbers showned are big and easy to read. The camera takes decent picture, light weight, and FM radio can be listened on the headphones or loudspeakers. It has a sleak design, small and very light. It has a personal planner on the phone and you can record your personal messages and other things. This phone could be easily unlock to use with other carriers, highly recommended.

Por insanity - Feb 26, 2006

Nokia 6101 Cell Phone

Pontos Fortes: Lightweight. Offers all the basic options in today's flip phones. Also has FM radio.

Pontos Fracos: No bluetooth. Phone screen is a little light at times. The volume is not really high. Buttons do not show shortcut diagrams.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the phone. It does leave a few things to be desired, but then again this is Nokia's first cell phone here in the states. I am sure the models that will follow will improve significantly. My previous phone was a Nokia and I really liked it

Por arcebus1973 - Sep 30, 2005

Nokia 6101

Pontos Fortes: High Quality; very comfortable earbud; durable, not easy to get scratch; very easy to use just by one hand.

Pontos Fracos: Even the lowest volumn is a little loud for me; picture quality is just ok.

Overall, I love this cellphone. This is the best one I have ever had. Simple to use, the earbud is one of the highlights of this phone, which brings a high sound quality of its raido. Much better than my creative mp3 player.

Por jane2596 - Apr 4, 2006

Nokia 6101 Cell Phone

Pontos Fortes: Nokia quality, screen, menu, size, EDGE Data Speed

Pontos Fracos: No Bluetooth, Avg camera

This is an excellent mid-level cell phone that has great reception and battery life with an average camera. it does NOT have bluetooth. the screen is very nice & bright and the phone is very responsive. sound is clear and loud enough. its not too bulky or too small. overall its a very nice useable phone.

Por deshwasi - Feb 2, 2006

nokia 6101

Pontos Fortes: looks good

Pontos Fracos: poor volume in noisy conditions

I like this phone. It is feature rich for a phone in this price range ($88). I bought this with a to go plan, with free incoming text, and free news and sports updates. It is very easy to navigate and has long battery life.

Por mustangbobo - Feb 26, 2006

Excellent Phone!

Pontos Fortes: Great LCD Screen Tons of Features Decent Battery Life

Pontos Fracos: Doesn't Look as Sleek as other flip phones

A nice start for Nokia's foray into flip-phones. It has a lot of useful features, great LCD screen, reasonable price. Only thing is that it doesn't look as sleek or as small a form factor as the more snazzy flip-phones.

Por legoralto - Apr 29, 2006

Could be better

Pontos Fortes: Affordable, good features

Pontos Fracos: Low memory, Lack of Configuration options

I also bought this very affordable at target at 88 dollars when it was in sale + tax. At that price it's a good buy but I don't agree with many of the reviewers or their generous ratings... I think it's a good phone for someone who's not planning on doing much with it except the very rare occasion you plan to use the speakerphone, camera, video recorder, and voice recorder. However if you are on the phone alot... it really is lacking.

The main problem is the memory. it's reported 4.4 but it's not. I deleted alot of stuff and I could only get 2.3M because I wanted to keep some of the gallery (tones/images) but my total gallery is only 361.3kB which 100kB is a t-mobile theme that wouldn't allow me to delete. So it's a total of only 2.5M available memory versus that reported 4.4mb shared.

They also changed the ac plug for this phone... it's much smaller and therefore you need to buy a new adapter for the car. This also makes it difficult to use other portable recharging tools until they sell an expensive adapter.

The third largest problem is it makes a picture sound when taking pictures... This cannot be turned off due to "legal purposes" but that seems standard. However picture quality is very nice. there are 3 settings of basic/normal/high. Either case the picture quality is very good as the image captured is brighter than what you see on the screen which is a pleasant surprise to someone who's been using digital cameras where the image appears brighter but isn't when taken without the flash

The configuration menus could be better but you get use to that in time.

Por uncat - Mar 10, 2006

nokia 6101

Pontos Fortes: easy setup.

Pontos Fracos: signal in wooded areas

This was my first phone and I enjoy the easy set up it is. The signal in wooded area is week or non. Like the size, and the screen. I did do a pic like how it turns out. Free internet nice. I do enjoy the phone. I would recommend this phone to anyone, for a travel phone.

Por messyjay - Feb 26, 2006

Nokia 6101 cell phone

Pontos Fortes: Signal and Features GSM

Pontos Fracos: no bluetooth

Love this phone especially the voice dialing. Would highly recommend it to someone who has never had a cell phone. A very lite phone and stylish. I got this as a to go phone from T-Mobile.

Por m4jesus39 - Jan 16, 2007

like new just kidding....

Pontos Fortes: good for nothing

Pontos Fracos: can not use

false ads ,phone is all scratched and smells like cigarettes in operation. and i was disappointed when i saw it.I had to return it the next day it arrived.

Por ktran1 - Aug 7, 2007

The 6101 is light and compact. It...

The 6101 is light and compact. It looks like just a phone but has a lot of hidden features. I will recommend it to others.

By anonymous; - Jul 22, 2006

Nokia 6101- not very good

Pontos Fortes: Easy interface...easy to set up and nice clear screen.

Pontos Fracos: Not great sound- Callerss say I sound good, but they sound bad to me, and connection was never very strong and fell out easily. Do not buy this phone if your looking for a good camera.

I bought this as a pay and Go phone (T-Mobile)
Worked ok for 5 days, then for no reason, no more sound. Couldn't get calls unless I use speaker phone. Had to spend 45 minutes on the phone with T_Mobile, and finally they said it must be the phone and to take it back. OK for the inexpensive price tag, but all in all, not that great sounding.

By anonymous; - May 11, 2006

u must get this phone

Pontos Fortes: its a flip, more protected.

Pontos Fracos: has none.

it is a great phone for all ages! Colors barley,rip or shade,away.i got this phone for x-mas and i will never go back to another phone again!

By anonymous; - Nov 26, 2005

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