Sony DVPFX810 Portable DVD Player

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For entertainment on the go, Sony's DVP-FX810 Portable DVD Player lets you enjoy movies, music and more anywhere, Offering up to three hours of battery life on a single charge, its sophisticated features and durable design make it the perfect travel companion. Equipped with an 8 Widescreen LCD Monitor, the DVP-FX810 plays back your DVD favourites with amazing detail and vibrant color. Perfect for road trips, on the plane, train, or at the beach, the Portable DVD Player's swivelling LCD moves a full 360 degrees, letting you enjoy the view from any angle.

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Características Gerais: JPEG Picture Viewing, MP3 Support, Progressive Scan

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Product Title: Sony DVPFX810 Portable DVD Player

Fabricante: Sony

Power Score: 3.3 | 17 Reviews

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Don't Buy

Pontos Fortes: none

Pontos Fracos: doesn't work

Freezes up after a while. The little thing that holds the the laser sticks and won't move causing the picture to freeze. You have to get up and pound on it to make it keep working. That usually lasts for a few minutes, then you have to hit it again. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

Por nielnich - Mar 6, 2010

Wasted money-- stay away from this; 3 times is enough.

Pontos Fortes: Sound and picture quality when it's working

Pontos Fracos: Durability, Service, Overall Poor Product Quality

Bought it at BestBuy. Paid for the extended warranty expecting not to use it. However, the player began having problems; didn't start, freezed, stopped after 20 mins or so. So, I took that in to BB, they sent it to Sony, Sony fixed it, took over a month to fix it, but I received my player back. After a couple of weeks, the fixed player started to have the same problems, so I went to Sony's web...
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By anonymous; - Dec 16, 2008

Don't buy this product

Pontos Fortes: screen-quality of the picture; the portability

Pontos Fracos: reliability

We received it as a Christmas gift in 2006. Played it on a couple of road trips and it was fine. Then started using it a lot this year (out of warranty, of course). It freezes or won't load. I've tried all the suggested tricks I've found on the internet and now we are at a point where we spend more time "tricking" it into playing than we do watching it. I would not recommend this player to...
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Por jpanks - Aug 17, 2008

DVP-FX810 Portable 8" DVD Player

Pontos Fortes: Player has a long battery life and swivel screen is nice. Also has a solid quality feel.

Pontos Fracos: speakers are tinny sounding. I have used external speakers and headphones to make up for this.

I chose this player over a few others and was correct. This palyer is built to last and the battery life is long. The player worked well in a moving vehicle and did not skip. Original DVD"s and other formats worked well. A must for those who commute and want a light weight and quality player.

Por ajg51 - Apr 24, 2008


Pontos Fortes: No problems for the four months it worked!

Pontos Fracos: This product and the service.

Bought it in September 2007 and it worked until January 2008. Locks up when playing a disk. About 20 minutes into it actually. 90 day warranty has expired (by 1.5 months) and Sony will send you a refurbished model for $33 or fix yours for $126. Refurbished means other broken models that they have fixed and now will send to you. Very funny costs since I paid $189 for mine. After complaining about...
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Por puddle243 - Feb 21, 2008

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