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Purificador de Ar, Aquecedor e Ar Condicionado - Opiniões sobre Produtos

Comentários mais Úteis

4 Star Review WA-1210E Portable Air Conditioner (12,000 BTU, Dehumidifier)


simpsonsrule - (July 07, 2004) The unit is very efficient and effective at cooling - it works just great. I find it best to set the thermostat at 69 or 70 degrees F to cool. The Auto Mode is basically useless as the compressor will only begin to cool if the room is above 80 degrees. The unit itself is sleek and easy to move around. Setup and installation was easy and the instruction manual is very easy to follow. I wish the exhaust hose and window insulation were a bit more sturdy. I bought some pipe duct insulation to put around the exhaust hose - this helps to keep hot air from accumulating around the exhaust hose (without the insulation I bought, it gets warm back there). The exhaust hose connects to

5 Star Review Professional XL Air Purifier


Chris2004 - (July 19, 2004) In a little over a year, I've bought three Oreck air purifiers. I had never realized the amount of dust, dirt, stray hair, etc. that floats around my own house before: that's just that I was constantly breathing in. The air purifier, however, cuts down on that severely. The filter inside the machine traps all those air borne pollutants for you to see that it's working. And it's so easy to use--just stick it in a corner and you're done: the purifier does all the work for you. It has a fan inside of it to circulate the air so it's not just cleaning the air in one corner of those house. Not only that, but it barely makes any noise so it's not an annoyance. The air purifiers are definitely well-

4 Star Review A Good Value


szechuan85 - (June 29, 2006) This is a good unit if you need to cool a fairly small room. I use it to cool a room that's about 120 sq. feet, and it does a decent job. The unit is small enough, but at around 65 pounds, it could weight a little less. But overall, it's a good buy.

Últimas Opiniões

1 Star Review GE home dehumidifier

Anonymous User - (01-10-2013) I have owned three of the 65 pint dehumidifiers. The first quit after 7 month. GE will not service them so they said buy another GE dehumidifier and we will send you a check to cover the cost under warranty. Second one quit after 6 months. Same warranty offered , Bought the third unit, quit after 4 months. All made in China. Either it loses freon material or the condenser goes bad. I will not buy any more equipment made in China and I am very disappointed in the fact that GE does not offer quality equipment. I will spend more and buy American made where it can be serviced if needed.

4 Star Review pleased overall, with few exceptions

Anonymous User - (22-09-2013) I bought this top loader when my 6 y.o. Whirlpool developed major repair issues and needed a washer right away. Found this open floor model reduced on clearance at BestBuy and was thrilled to have so many types of cylces. Was one of the few that indicated a 'delicate' cycle, none of the Whirlpool models under $600 at Sears had delicate cycle. Liked the idea of HE and that lid did not lock. So far it has been very satisfactory in most respects, and clothes feel almost dry, reducing costly dryer usage. However, a few irritants....don't care for the annoying beeping while washer is filling. I prefer using the manual water level selection, as the precise fill does not seem to cover clothes adequately. Biggest irritant is if I change to different cycle after pushing start and water is filling, the tub drains ALL and starts over with new cycle. So I lose all that water, detergent, etc. I had to search all over the web to find reviews for this machine to see if others had the tub draining issue, and now I know I don't need a repairman, I just need to be very sure of cycle I want. No problems with anything getting caught in agitator or shredding, and no excessive wrinkling. But I use the lower agitation washes unless I have something very dirty. My items do just fine with perm press or delicate or 'towels' settings. Delivery was professional and satisfactory, no off balance issues like others mentioned but I made sure delivery men checked that it was balanced. They said it is self balancing anyway. First GE washer I've bought, always stuck with Whirlpool but will never buy another Whirlpool after mine went out after 6 yrs. The Whirlpool before that lasted 20 years. They don't use quality parts like in years past, repairmen said.

5 Star Review Value for Money

Anonymous - (17-09-2013) Good value for money as all the spotlight fans seem to be so expensive now. I have used fanlights in the bedroom for many years now and couldn't live without one and this does this trick and was a bonus having the bulbs included.

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