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3 Star Review WM2277HW Washer (Front Loading, 3.72 Cu. Ft., Energy Star)


blindcyde - (January 17, 2005) I bought these LG's and love em', but the first one I got was the floor model from Best Buy, I got it home and they hooked it up and leveled it. After they run the test cycle it runs perfectly -- but once you put ANY size load in, this thing shook so bad I couldn't read any of the printed words on the front of it while running. So I returned it and they gave me a brand new one. One thing to mention is that upon shipping they have shipping bolts to lock the drum in the washer so it doesn't get damaged--make sure they remove those. This brand new one shakes just as bad. Now I realize some shaking is to be expected at 1100 RPM, but this was bad -- It sounds like an Apache Helicopter is hovering

5 Star Review First Review of this Item


awagh - (September 20, 2005) I will be updating this review as I get to know this washer better. That is a key with this washer. There are a lot of features and one needs to explore the working of these settings and find the best that work for you. First let me talk about the leveling part of this washer. Due to the high spin cycle speeds of this washer one should level this washer to the best of his/her ability the very first time they install it. Make sure the location you choose for the washer is the final resting place of the washer. Mine was levelled but we moved the washer slightly to accommodate space for a vacuum cleaner on the other side of the laundry room. This messed up the leveling and then it was a m

1 Star Review Great While It Lasted...


dbsalerno - (September 18, 2006) We saw the Cabrio washer/dryer demo pair at Sears and were so impressed we placed an order immediately. Due to it being new and not in stock in the warehouse, we had to wait 2-1/2 weeks for delivery. That should have been our first signal to cut our losses and run, because I never buy the first year model of ANYTHING--there's just too much chance for problem. We received our Cabrios, and were in heaven--for all of 6 days. We enjoyed almost a week of high capacity washing and drying. The washer did a great job of cleaning, and the dryer was a joy to unload--the slanted angle of the opening put clothes at your fingertips. The electronic controls were simple to use--for most loads, it was pu

Últimas Opiniões

1 Star Review NO GOOD-any replacement suggestions!

lindainsa - (14-01-2014) This 17-month old machine is twisting clothes, spinning out of control, and the spinning and twisting kicks the machine off. Fixing it will cost more than I paid for it. PLUS, there is NO way to open the lid, redistribute the clothes and start a spin to clear out the water. I will have to replace it. Glad I DIDN'T get a warranty because it would do no good! I won't buy Maytag.

1 Star Review GE Washer GTWN2800D

tdhumphry - (28-10-2013) This washer does not get clothes clean. It doesn't agitate strong enough to do one bit of good. Sure, I like the quite, but I'd rather have clean clothes. I put a load of baby things in and a receiving blanket came out still folded.... makes me very angry

5 Star Review Great Washer

Anonymous User - (16-09-2013) Have had my duet washer and dryer for over a year, no problem, I leave the washer door open after a wash (just to make sure it dries out. Love them.

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