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Comentários mais Úteis

1 Star Review Crib is unsafe for toddlers


mmm0323 - (January 14, 2006) Our crib has the same model number and is exactly the same, but was marketed as the Fisher-Price Emerald Crib-Natural Finish when we received it as a gift 2 1/2 years ago. When my son started getting bigger and his limbs were getting thicker (about 1 year old), he repeatedly got his arms and legs stuck in the rails during the night or during naps. On one of those occasions, I thought he had broken his leg or ankle because he had twisted himself so that his foot was actually facing backwards. This scared me really bad and I put in some extra side padding, but I never felt like this crib was 100% safe from that night on. Just recently, my son was put to bed and like most two year olds, h

4 Star Review Fisher Price Zen Gliding Bassinet


rm2572 - (August 26, 2008) Over all this is a great bassinet made of good quality and durability. When I purchased this it came within a few days which was awesome, but it had one damaged piece. I called Fisher Price and the replaced the whole bassinet at no cost. I love the overall design but you can not remove some of the material to wash it in the washing machine, but my husband will figure out a way. I would recommend this bassinet because of a great design, quality and durability. Fisher Price stands behind their products and you can get an actual person on the phone. If I had to rate this on a star basis it would be 4 out of 5 stars.

5 Star Review Love this crib


johnson42005 - (February 15, 2008) We bought this crib for my daughter and she is 1 now and we are still using it and it is still like new! We are expecting again and are going to buy this same crib for our daughter on the way! We love it and it is well worth the cost! I would not buy any other crib!

Últimas Opiniões

5 Star Review My favorite baby gift

MsMogul - (16-09-2013) I order this very soft blanket for every baby gift I give. The 3-line monogram is very classy, with name, birth date, and weight. My next-door neighbors love the one I gave their baby last winter and last week I sent one to Chinese friends in Shanghai with the baby's Chinese name spelled out in English and the weight shown in grams. This is a useful and lovely gift that will last many, many years!

5 Star Review I have given a lot of these as gifts.

drmts - (16-09-2013) I love to give the Bunny Belly soft fleece blanket with a monogram as my gift for new babies. In fact, I have probably given at least 20 of them. Like many others, I sincerely wish that LE would return to offering it in more colors. In the past pretty green, tan, and yellow colors were offered. I just had to give one family their third pink blanket! Variety would be very much appreciated. Every family who has received a Bunn Belly from me has really liked it and used it constantly.

5 Star Review My go to baby gift!

Debs1200 - (15-09-2013) I have been purchasing these blankets for the past 12 years. I give them for every baby shower I am invited to. All the moms and. children love them. After the first baby int he family gets theirs the moms always hopes that I send the second child one.

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