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1 Star Review Quality problems - buy Combi!


hnowang - (October 07, 2005) Our family has had a Combi Savvy for years, and love it. Recently it broke (it's rated to 45 lbs, and a friend who weighs about 130 lbs fell on it). So we bought the Aria because: 1. It's even lighter than the Savvy 2. It's slightly wider, giving our 3 year old more shoulder room. Problems encountered so far: 1. Noisy wheel - Peg Perego recommends putting grease on the wheel, even though it is brand-new. 2. The Aria sticker is almost completely peeled off on one side, and the other side is starting to peel off. Peg Perego says they will send another sticker for us to glue onto the stroller ourselves. 3. As other reviewers have noted, cup holder is not sturdy. Ours fell off and we had

2 Star Review the sit stroller


SarahHartley - (September 03, 2006) The sit stroller is a great idea, and I think with more time given to improvments to the weaknesses which are: the wheels that get caught and are hard to steer, and to the strenth of the frame which is to week,the foot tray that gets in the way when putting the stroller in the car,and the underneth tray is to small, also the the ajustable straps that get caught when collapsing the wheels to put in car. however the seat is obviously comfortable my daughter has loved it since day one. I wouldn't buy it again, unless these things were improved upon.

5 Star Review Baby Classic DuoGlider LXI Metropolitan Twin Tandem Stroller


michelleschlofy - (June 16, 2005) This stroller has definitely exceeded by expectations. This stroller is easy to turn, to push, etc. The canopies are great. They protect against the sun and rain. They cover the children completely. I also love the parent tray. It has a holder for a drink, and an enclosed compartment you can put your cell phone, glasses, snacks, etc. in. The five-point harnesses on each seat are great. They keep the kids secure, but the kids are still able to move and breathe comfortably. This stroller folds up easily with one hand. The stroller has a nice basket below to carry things (coats, shopping bags), food, etc. I absolutely love this stroller!

Últimas Opiniões

4 Star Review buen dia

Jaldanse - (28-01-2014) buen día me gustaria saber que valor tiene el envio a Colombia gracias

4 Star Review Too big for me

Anonymous - (18-09-2013) I own three diaper bags. One is a Juicy Couture pink velour that is too heavy , I can't find anything in it, and it dirties easily. The other is a cute Hello Kitty that isn't very stroller friendly. So I use it for the beach or to haul extra toys. The other is a Ju Ju be hip. Which is my go to bag. I love the organization of my be hip, and the insulated pockets. But I wanted something a little bit bigger and loved the idea of the mommy pocket. I also purchased the stroller clips. This bag is HUGE. It's more like a piece of luggage, and it's heavy, big and cumbersome. I wouldn't be comfortable carrying this thing around. It was difficult for me to attach it to the stroller clips with all my stuff in there. I really didn't like the side pockets with the magnetic closures for the bottles. I prefer the elastic like on the be hip. Inside the organization was great. Just too big for me. I returned it to my local Nordstoms. The cashier was really nice and suggested a Marc Jacobs bag. Which was light weight and smaller than this but still roomy. It was $300. More than I was willing to spend and it didn't have the organization or the insulated bottle pockets. I think I'm going to try the BFF.

5 Star Review Great stroller Bag

Anonymous - (18-09-2013) Good bag for short trips. A lot can fit if the pockets are utilized correctly. Good to go to the grocery store, mall, or a busy restaurant. This is my bags contents: Back pocket has the changing pad that came with the bag with a pack of wipes, a disposable changing pad and two diapers. The two front snap pockets have diaper creams, sunscreen, hand and face wipes, and pacifier wipes. In the insulated side pockets, one contains a small 4 oz juice bottle in the bottom with a blender bottle for mixing formula on top. I keep a Playtex Nurser bottle inside the Blender bottle. In the other insulated pocket I put a mixed bottle of formula with a sandwich ice pack . It keeps me from carrying a cooler for a short trip. In the inside zip pocket I keep a few band aids, a 1 oz head to toe wash, a 1 oz baby lotion, hand sanitizer, folded small garbage bags, and a pacifier on a clip. In the main compartment I have about 7 size 2 diapers, 8 packets of powdered formula, one small baby bottle, a small bottle of dapple dish detergent, 2 Onsies and socks, 2 burp cloths, one bib, and one flannel blanket. There is lots of room on top. I just throw my wallet in there or any other personal items. I keep my cell phone in the front zipper pocket. Most of the stuff that I use are really in the outside pockets.

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